Bold Colours to Define Areas

If you live in an open-plan style home or an apartment then you can actually split up and define spaces using very bold colours.  This may seem a little odd from the outset, but this will in fact have two effects on your open plan living space. Firstly it will define spaces and secondly it will provide interesting variations in colours around the living space.

One thing I have learned over the years is that living in a studio apartment or a home with an open plan design requires a methodical approach to living.  Most of us are guilty of walking in and placing our coats, jackets or other bits and bobs down anywhere, but with the open plan style this soon makes the place look untidy and without any real form – in other words the whole area becomes a dumping ground for your possessions.

I know of many people who do not like studio apartments or open plan living styles for this very reason and also for the fact that the areas are not very well defined, that is there is not a defined area for the living area or kitchen for example or from the living area to the recreation area.

All is not lost… You can define an area with bold colour but be warned adding different colours can not only have a wonderful effect it can be disastrous if not planned well.  This is not one of these subjects that can be easily explained, but rather a visual representation is much easier to absorb and understand and on that note I provide you with an outstanding video on the subject that is just 2.59 minutes in length and shows you ways of defining areas with bold colours.

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