Tiling Guide Part 2

Tiling Bathrooms and Kitchens
Gone are the days of bathroom tiling meaning square white tiles with a horizontal coloured border, and the modern tiles on the market offer a myriad of ways to update your bathroom or kitchen.

Tiles do not have to be square or even rectangular; look for tiles which create intricate geometric patterns, circles or the natural pattern of something like slate. Using textured and irregular tiles on your bathroom or kitchen walls gives a warmer feel to your home as plain white flat tiles can look very clinical and sterile.

Mosaic tiles are also popular for kitchens and bathrooms and have been around since Roman times. Modern ways of fitting mosaic tiles on a mesh backing makes them easier and quicker to apply.

Here is a quick guide on tiling bathrooms that might come in handy.

If you are tiling a kitchen there will be a few differences that you should take into consideration. The following video should be a good place to start.

Tile Colours
Modern tiling is all about natural colours and textures, and the predominant colours are grey, brown, beige and cream. These neutral shades don’t have to be boring though, and the benefit of choosing a neutral colour scheme for your tiling is that it will coordinate well with any other colours you have chosen for your room.

If you want to add a splash of colour into your tiling scheme, why not opt for some beautiful coloured glass tiles on a splash back or around a door or window, or go for some of the ultramodern white or black quartz flooring tiles for a bit of sparkle.

Choosing tiles can be difficult, from colour to size and shape it is a big choice so here is some advice that could help.

We hope you’ve found our tiling advice helpful, there is always a lot of great advice online from videos to ‘How to’ guides so it is worth doing your research before starting.

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