The Perfect Door Guide Part 2

If you read the first part of our door guide you might be wondering what else there is to consider, read on to find out how you can have the ideal door to your family home.

There are options to choose clear or obscure glass without patterns aswell. However, remember clear glass will not provide maximum security, so only choose this option if you are purchasing a side door or back door, rather than a front door for a home in a populated area.  Some door designs come with triple glazed units and provide no choice for backing glass. Check this before you decide on the design.

Stage 3. Choose the frame colour

If your door opens inwards, then you can choose a colour frame to complement the home interior aswell.  These colours tend to be white, black, brown and golden oak colours. These frames are on the inside of your home, so any other colours will clash with existing colour schemes.

Stage 4. Co-ordinate with hardware

Every front door design needs doors handles, letterboxes and then optional door knockers for appearance. The door design and colour will dictate the type of hardware that you can use. For example certain hardware like silver, works best on blue colour doors. If you have a black door, then a gold door handle and letterbox can really finish off the design.  For added security, some door knockers come with spy holes. When you are deciding on the door design, plan ahead for the additional hardware as even if you do not require a door knocker, a door looks more atheistically pleasing if the door handle, letterbox and door knocker.

A letterbox can be incorporated into door design quite easily, and if preferred can be placed at the bottom of a door, rather than in the middle. This is effective if you have curved door panels. However, most door designs incorporate the need for a letterbox in the middle of the door.

Installing a composite door is not as straight forward as a traditional front door, due to the higher level of security that is provided with a composite door.  One of the best ways to decide on a door is to look at colours and designs before you purchase and ask a specialised fitter for recommendations on the hardware and glass patterns.

Hopefully this has helped you in deciding what style or colour of door you might want to move ahead with.

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