The Perfect Door Guide Part 1

There are lots of ideas and materials to make a statement within your home such as changing the wallpaper or interiors. However, you can also make your home individual and stand out from the outside with a coloured composite front door.

This is not be confused with simply painting your door as this can leave your front door open to streaky paint lines, weathering patches and paint around the panes of glass in the window, which you will always notice every time you step into your home.

Composite doors can really make a statement and the vast range of colours, styles and matching accessories can really bring colour and design to the front of your home.  The popular range of colours are red, blue, green, black and natural oak colours. When deciding on the colour of your front door, you need to take into account the windows frame colours and surrounding colours such as a garage door or neighbours door. It is worth noting that not all colours are the same, so a red garage door might not complement a red door.  There are several areas to think about when changing your front door.

Stage 1. Decide on the door design

composite doors keep out the cold and draughts and there are so many different designs to choose from, there will be a design to suit everyone. Some designs, come with a quarter like panels to add depth and design features without the glass. If your existing front door has glass panels it would be wise to replace like for like otherwise a hallway will become noticeable darker.

Stage 2. Select the Glass Pattern

The glass pattern within the door can really complement the door colour and bring character to plain glass. The pattern will depend on your door style and the existing glass panels within that design.  For example, if you have a door with 2 panes of glass, an ideal option would be matching glass patterns such as colour diamonds.  If you have a small glass pane or a single glass panel then you could make a feature with the glass.

Keep an eye out for the second part of our guide to getting the perfect door to your home, coming next week.

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